Anna says David is:

Full of Energy – Whether assembling furniture, playing Boggle, or cooking dinner, he has a bounce in his step.

Loving – He cooks me breakfast every day, has volunteered rehabilitating injured bats, and is amazing with kids!

Creative – He once wrote an opera about alien invasion with a class of fourth graders.

Funny –David’s laugh feels like home. His silly faces make little ones giggle.

Committed – David is deeply loyal to his family, friends, and vocation.​

David says Anna is:

A Detail Magician – a brilliant planner, financial strategist, and keeper of calendars.

Packed with rhythm in every bone – Anna helps me overcome my genetic fear of dancing.

Devoted – She always knows whose birthday is approaching and who is going through a hard time.

Wise – with a sympathetic ear and an ethical vision that is deep and wide. She is a great friend and wonderful counsellor.

Playful – She delights in silliness and the antics of small animals and children.

Who WE Are

Anna and David Adopt


Our Promise as Parents

  • A home full of love, faith, music, wonder, and a dress-up closet
  • Openness about adoption and your love
  • To teach respect for themselves and others

Our families – dozens of cousins, bushels of aunts and uncles, extraordinary siblings, healthy and energetic grandparents, who are all doing backflips with joy at the prospect of a new addition!

Travel – We have travelled by car, plane, boat, bus, camel, and gondola, and have crossed the Atlantic twice.

Stories – including a life-long love of children’s books. We end every day reading to each other and cannot wait to read to a child.

Food – We are adventurous eaters, whether dining out or cooking at home, and especially love exploring new cultures through their kitchens.

We share our South Minneapolis home with our snuggly dog, Rufus. David is a composer and choral conductor; Anna is picture book author and an Episcopal priest who has worked in Family Ministry for fifteen years.

We spend our free time playing games, gathering with our family, being outdoors, and creating a home. We have had a lot of adventures together as a couple and are so excited to become parents through adoption.