David says Anna is:

A Detail Magician – a brilliant planner, financial strategist, and keeper of calendars.

Packed with rhythm in every bone – Anna helps me overcome my genetic fear of dancing.

Devoted – She always knows whose birthday is approaching and who is going through a hard time.

Wise – with a sympathetic ear and an ethical vision that is deep and wide. She is a great friend and wonderful counsellor.

Playful – She delights in silliness and the antics of small animals and children.

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our families

David is a music director, composer, and choral conductor. Anna is a picture book author and an Episcopal priest who has worked in Family Ministry for fifteen years. Together, we run a sheet music publishing company that sells and promotes David's music.

We have been together for seven years and married for five. We have learned how to choose paint colors together and how to throw a party for fifty people. We have learned how to ask and how to listen to each other's needs. We have learned how to give each other the space to be alone, when we need it. We are each other's best friend and closest confidante.

Anna and David Adopt

Anna grew up within a few miles of our house, and much of her large family remains within a few hours' drive. Cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents are all a part of our regular lives. Anna's parents are excited to be part-time caregivers for our baby. David's extended family is scattered through the Southeast. They all remain close, despite the distance, and travel to see one another a couple of times a year. 

We both bring family traditions and gatherings to our household: Anna's family has an annual Fourth of July reunion (water sports, jigsaw puzzles, Pickleball); David introduced Anna to a New Year's Day meal of traditional Southen food (black eyed peas, cheese grits, collard greens). Who know what new traditions, large and small, that a child will bring to our lives!

Who WE Are

Anna and David Adopt

Anna says David is:

Full of Energy – Whether assembling furniture, playing Boggle, or cooking dinner, he has a bounce in his step.

Loving – He cooks me breakfast every day, has volunteered rehabilitating injured bats, and is amazing with kids!

Creative – He once wrote an opera about alien invasion with a class of fourth graders.

Funny –David’s laugh feels like home. His silly faces make little ones giggle.

Committed – David is deeply loyal to his family, friends, and vocation.​