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Anna and David Adopt

If you are a friend or a friend-of-a-friend of someone making an adoption plan, we are grateful for your interest in our story. Please share it freely!

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​​​​​​​Dear Expectant Mother,

We realize that we are meeting you at one of most difficult moments of your life. We can’t pretend to understand everything that you are feeling, but we know that the decision you are contemplating is grounded in deep love for your child. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you. Our hope is that if you choose us, you will do so with the assurance that your child would be embraced by our unconditional love. 

When the two of us started dreaming about our future together, we envisioned creating a home like the ones that we grew up in: full of children, faith, music, and wonder. We imagined frequent visits by family and friends, whom David would feed with home-cooked meals. We imagined impromptu dance breaks in the kitchen. We imagined reading our children to sleep at night from our well-loved library. We imagined raising our children not only to know our love, but God’s as well, and teaching them to respect every human being. Because David’s infertility makes it unfeasible for us to have biological children, adoption was always a part of this dream. 

We met while working at the same church. We soon discovered a shared passion for travel, food, and children’s picture books. We have since travelled quite a bit together: by car, plane, boat, bus, gondola, and camel. We are adventurous eaters, and delight in exploring new cultures through their kitchens. Our children’s book library has continued to grow, including Anna’s first picture book. And, we end every day reading out loud to each other.

We have also learned how to navigate the mundane and the difficult parts of life. Together we have been through the loss and gaining of jobs, the death of pets, major house renovation, and becoming business partners as well as spouses. As a result, we have learned to understand and appreciate the differing gifts that each of us brings to the family, and how to tackle the challenges of life as a team. We are ready to bring these gifts to the adventure of parenthood. We want to share what we know and love about the world and discover it anew through a child’s eyes.

A child that joins our family will instantly be embraced by a large, widespread, diverse, and affectionate host of relatives, all of whom are eager to welcome their newest addition. Many dozens of cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents will be a part of our child’s daily life from their first day at home. This child will always know their love, and we will teach them about your love, as well. 

We thank you again for making this adoption plan and for considering us. We send you our warmest wishes and highest regard.