Anna and David Adopt

Do you have pets?

We share our home with our small, sweet dog, Rufus. Rufus is a middle-age rescue dog who spends his days sleeping on laps, sleeping in the sun, and looking forward to mealtime. 

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Anna and David Adopt

What will you tell your child about his or her birthmom?

Our child will know their birthmother from the beginning. They will know her name as they know the names of their grandmothers, cousins, and aunts. They will know that she loved them enough to want a better life for them than she could provide herself. We will let them know that their birthmother loves them and always will.

When you have a 3-day weekend, what you like to do?

When we have a three-day weekend, we like to gather with are family and friends and/or travel in several combinations.

When possible, we travel to see our family and friends that are out of town, whether to a reunion at a lake or farm, or recently to see our niece play in her high school marching band. When we travel by ourselves, we delight in hiking in State Parks, exploring small towns, and wandering around art museums in big cities. A long weekend at home means inviting our family and friends over for ravioli-making parties, cousin catch-ups, or holiday celebrations.

Will you be stay-at-home parents? If so, what are your day-to-day plans?

We have created a life of part-time self-employment and part-time traditional employment that gives us a lot of flexibility of schedule. When we adopt, Anna will take as long a maternity leave as possible and then reduce her hours to be a part-time stay-at-home parent. David will not reduce his hours, but change his schedule to provide some of the other care. Anna’s parents are also excited to be the other primary part-time caregivers when we are unable to do so.

Q & A

Are you active in your church? Tell us about your activities.

We are Episcopalians – Christians with a liberal social theology, and both of us are employed by the church. Anna is a priest at our Episcopal cathedral, where she serves as Director of Family Ministries. In this role, she leads worship, preaches, and focuses on guiding the faith lives of parents with children and teenagers at home. David is an active member of the Cathedral, singing tenor in the choir. He is also Director of Music for an evening worship service at another nearby church. We rely on the support, community, and spiritual reflection that our churches provide us.

What do you hope to teach your child(ren)?

First and most importantly, we want to teach them love and respect for themselves and for the whole diversity of human expression and identity. Beyond that, we want to teach them to be engaged members of society: developing emotional intelligence, financial competence, and critical thinking. We want to introduce them to things that are most precious to us: love of the outdoors, music, cooking, our family, and being part of a faith community.​

How will a child enrich your life? 

We look forward to seeing the world through a child’s eyes, and re-experiencing wonder and surprise. A child will also compel us to question our assumptions, and become more aware of our words, our actions, and our beliefs.